MoMA’s In-House Design Team: The Website

I never thought to look for the online portfolio of MoMA’s in-house design team until I stumbled on it somehow through Quora’s exhibit design topic. Worth a loooong visit!

The Gorgeous Obsession of “Reading Forms” Continues

Fan of graphic design? Fan of exhibit design? Have I got the blog for you. Reading Forms, a tumblr of images of graphic design exhibitions by Yotam Hadar, continues its year-long gorgeous obsession. Here’s to another year, Yotam.

Previously noted here.

Exhibition in a Box

The Best of Dutch Book Design – Exhibition in a Box from Piek Pictures on Vimeo.

It’s not every day that someone tweets me a stop-motion traveling exhibit assembly video from Holland. I’m not exactly sure what happens with all the holes and slots in the final product, but the video sure is fun to watch.

Hyundai’s Hydraulically Pixelized Walls

Yep, those are individual styrofoam blocks, each powered by their own stepper motor.

Hyundai’s 2012 Yeosu EXPO “Hyper-Matrix” from yangsookyun on Vimeo.

Choose Your Own Adventure: the App

While we’re at it, why not a “choose your own exhibit” app?

Via Co.Design.

A Sound App to Transform Your Environment

Like a lot of people I’m sure, I leave movie theaters with a bit of the film still clinging to me. The better the film, the more I am still in it well after I leave. If I had a free app like this one, I’m sure it would last even longer. And what if we could have an app like this for, well, anything? If there is an app that can make me feel immersed in a film, is there an app that can make me feel immersed in Ming-era China? Or in the world of a documentary film with a social mission?

Via DesignTAXI.

Leeds Street Tree Grates

Can I please have one on my block in Brooklyn, right away? Lovely. Leeds Street Tree Grates: HeineJones, Via Collabcubed.

Core77 Design Awards 2012 Interiors & Exhibitions Jury Announcement

Um, an exhibit design award jury with no exhibit designers? Core77 Design Awards 2012 COUNTDOWN: Interiors & Exhibitions Jury Announcement! – Core77.

Stonehenge Visitor Centre by Denton Corker Marshall

No, it’s not over the stones, it’s nearby. (I had the same question.)

Via Dezeen.

A Billboard That Advertises Nothing



Exhibit Design Bookshelf

A while back I created an exhibit design bookshelf on Shelfari (with the help of then-intern-now-designer Jess Griscti). For years I have collected books on exhibit design, museum planning and interactive space. I have the actual physical bookshelf, with all the actual books, in my office, so I don’t look at the virtual one that often. It’s worth a look. It still needs some categorizing and blurbs, but I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else.

To Become Recognizable

The installation art piece “Line Surface Space” is a collaboration between Kawahara Krause Architects and painter Nobuko Watabiki. I was moved by the question they asked, according to this article in Co.Design: “How much definition does an area need,” the Hamburg-based architects wondered, “in order to become recognizable?” In this case, simple planes sketched with woolen thread seem to be the answer.

Google World Wonders Project

There is debate about Google Art Project, and I’m sure there will be more for Google World Wonders. But there is something to be said for bringing far-flung, spectacular cultural places into your living room. Not to mention the carbon footprint advantages.

(And as a colleague of mine said recently, “Yes, but can I have that glass-window-wall-world-view thingy in my house?”)

9/11 in the Times

This article, just out in the Times, is a must-read discussion about the challenges of putting together the story for the 9/11 project. Most of the press coverage in the past years has focused on the budget, logistics, or politics of the whole thing; this is the first to point out the challenges of interpretation.

UPDATE: In a related piece on the budget-related construction freeze at 9/11, the Times offers a few interesting economic stats. Also worth reading.

My Tumblr Experiment

After much prompting (ahem), I am experimenting with Tumblr as a way to post quick visual inspirations. See more at: (Or if Twitter is more your style: @JonathanAlger).

See Tumblr screengrab below. Comments welcome.