Exhibit Design Bookshelf (BETA!)

Sharing My Books (beta)
I have collected books about exhibit design, museum planning and interactive space for years, and I have always been asked for recommendations. Until now, I haven’t had an easy way to keep track of them or share them with other people. Here is one way I might fix this problem: Shelfari. The list on the right is an interactive display of over 50 different books on the subject, sorted by title. Click the “next” button at the very bottom to see more. Or visit the shelf itself on Shelfari.

Next steps: grouping by category, sorting by useful tags, and ranking. (Volunteers welcome.)

What To Do
Click on any title to go to my Shelfari page for that book (caution: work in progress). If you already have a Shelfari account, let’s share. If you are feeling motivated, click “buy now” and you’ll go straight to Amazon (for books on Amazon, a few are not).

Many thanks to Jessica Griscti, bibilographer extraordinaire, for finally getting this organized.

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