This is a website by Jonathan Alger about new developments in exhibit design, museum planning and interactive space.

Though exhibit design as a practice (dare I say profession?) has matured significantly since its humble beginnings some decades ago, there are still very few reliable resources for exhibit designers and museum planners, whether veterans or students. There is a need for more news, inspiration, education and debate about the future of interactive cultural space. It is particularly hard for people like us to see new work.

This site was created to be one of those resources, and I honestly hope there will be many more. The site is public. Your comments are highly anticipated and most welcome.

This is not a blog about my clients or their projects, nor about my design work in other disciplines. That all gets covered at my firm’s website and blog.

In English, “exhibit” refers both to cultural exhibits and to trade shows. I am focusing more on the former. But you never know.

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