Spectacular Spaces Made of Glowing String

I’m constantly curious about innovation in the design of experiences, and that inevitably causes my head to turn when someone unveils promising new technologies. But lately I have been more compelled by new thinking that doesn’t require gadgetry to make me look twice. We’ve seen galleries made of pure color, an exhibit that uses your sense of smell instead of one you’d expect, and other surprises. The latest in this hopefully growing trend for me is the work of Korean-German artist Jeongmoon Choi, who creates magical spaces with nothing but some string and UV lights. Note to self: don’t wait for the next electronics product announcement to conceive something fresh.

Originally spotted at Creator’s Project.


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  1. Jonathan – with our Professors Friedrich St. Florian and Raimund Abraham at R.I.S.D’s Architecture school, we set up poles with tiny mirrors in a “black box” space. The mirrors were angled to bounce a laser many times through the space, and traced out a ceiling plane, door openings, corners, walls – looking much like Choi’s string construction. This was very hi-tech for the 1970’s. The coolest thing about lasers being used to describe the space was that, with the push of a button, you could instantly change the “shape” (and feeling) of the space. That moment of change was dramatic.

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