Sound Installations by Zimoun

I have to smile every time I watch this utterly charming compilation video from Swiss installation artist Zimoun. From Zimoun’s Vimeo channel:

Zimoun focusses on creating installations and sound sculptures, usually in connection with mechanical features, movement and physically generated sounds. His creations are graceful, mechanically harmonized works of poetic playfulness – simple yet complex, the result of repetitions with slight irregularities caused by routine and coincidence.

I also want to make a t-shirt out of this motto:

«I am intrigued in simple and elegant systems to generate and study complex behaviours in sound and motion.» Zimoun

Via the somewhat addictive Random Magazine.

UPDATE 23 Feb 2010: If you are interested in more conceptual audio installation projects, here is a DVD you can order with a wide sampling of related work. From the delightfully audio-minimalist 12k.


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  1. Susan,

    This is cool. John Cage would be proud.

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